Rush Mountain Adventure Park | Interesting Tour Facts
Family Fun near Mount Rushmore. Mountain Coaster, Zipline RIde, 7D RIde, Cave Tours.
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Interesting Tour Facts

Cave Specs:

Tour Distance:
1/2 mile (.8 km)

Tour Duration:
1 hour (approx.)

Cave Temp:
58 degrees F. (14 C.)

Elevation at Entrance:
3,930 ft. above sea level

Lowest Elevation on Tour:

3,896 ft. above sea level

Highest Elevation on Tour:

3,969 ft. above sea level

Here are some interesting tour facts:

  1. Rushmore Cave is the closest cave to Mount Rushmore and is easily accessible from Keystone and Hermosa.
  2. The cave contains a large number of beautiful cave formations such as stalactites and stalagmites and is a real crowd-pleaser!
  3. There is no crawling required. Moderate fitness necessary. Should have the ability to walk an hour at a slow pace with a several staircases to navigate.
  4. The entire tour route is illuminated with electric lights, and visitors may bring their own flashlight. The trail is well groomed and improved with steps and rails for a safe and enjoyable visitor experience. We go the extra mile to please the visitor.
  5. Flash photography is encouraged and sufficient light-levels allow for the use of most video cameras.
  6. The cave temperature is 58 degrees Fahrenheit and we recommend visitors wear comfortable outdoors type clothing and stable walking shoes.
  7. We offer an AUTOMATIC REFUND POLICY for visitors that must leave a tour. If you must leave the tour for some reason, such as claustrophobia or other health related problems, we will offer a “no questions asked” refund.

Cave Features:

Post Office: Early visitors carved their initials into the walls of this special room.Image Room: Discover faces and other describable shapes in the rock of this room.

Floral Room: Helictites on stalactites create patterns resembling budding leaves & floral designs.

The Big Room: See the most stalactites in any room in the Black Hills. This unique area is loaded with unique cave features like stalactites, flowstone, cave bacon and more.